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Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Counrty Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

If a Groundhog’s Day for the fall season would have occurred, the Pittsburgh region certainly was the beneficiary of 6 more weeks of great golfing weather.  This time last year, the Mid Atlantic was enveloped in a cold front with nighttime temperatures in the low teens, and daytime temperatures not much higher above freezing.  Not only is the sunshine good for golfers, it also presents great working weather for the Wildwood Golf Club Staff.  The greatest challenge presented to the crew during this time of year is timely and efficient leaf collection and removal.  On average, the crew dedicates nearly 60% of the day to just clearing playing surfaces such as tees, greens, and fairways of leaves, relocating them to windrows (Black Holes for Titleists) in the deep rough, well out of play.   Our tractor driven vacuum then follows up behind, harvesting the leaves for deposit at our course compost pile.

 The weather patterns that dictate leaf drop have their own effect on the turf.  Cooler temperatures and shorter days invoke a physiological response in the grass plant, instructing it to direct energy to root production instead of top foliar growth.  This natural response to the environment is the turf’s way of “hardening off” in preparation for winter.  This translates into less grass growing, and fewer man hours dedicated to mowing.   Additional steps taken to protect the turf prior to winter include modification our fertilization practices to promote key nutrient uptake, utilizing plant protectants, and applying a heavy sand topdressing to protect the turf’s critical growth point from sub-zero temperatures.     Additional measures being taken to mitigate winter injury include removal and reshaping of “Collar Dams” around greens surfaces which effectively pooled water on greens. 

Thanks to the balmy weather, the WGC crew was able to lay the groundwork for drainage projects in 13 and 14 fairways, both trouble areas during wet periods.  In the coming weeks, the crew will initiate bunker renovation projects on holes 3, 6 greenside, and 17 greenside.  These bunkers were chosen for renovation due to their likelihood of holding water following a rain event.  As winter creeps in, the crew will shift focus to harvesting of dead trees on the property.  Most often, a blanket of snow over the frozen ground is the best protection against the footprint of heavy machinery required for tree removal. 
The coming weeks will bring chillier temperatures especially overnight, raising the likelihood of regular frost delays in the mornings.   While frost on cool season turfgrasses is not necessarily detrimental in itself, unnecessary traffic by cart or even foot can severely damage fine cut turf.  For that reason, during frost delays, cart and foot traffic is to remain on pavement or artificial range turf.  Communication as to length of delay and other restrictions are made through the golf shop. 

Please feel free to contact me on my office line 412-487-1234, or via email, tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org.  Also, check out photos of the aforementioned projects, happenings at Wildwood Golf Club, and Abbey via the Instagram page for The Wildwood Greens Department!  Search user @WGC_Greens or search #wildwoodgolfclub.  Thank you!
Tom Fisher

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