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Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Counrty Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

A warm and dry May seems to have traded places with an unseasonably cool and wet June.  Month to date, Wildwood Golf Club has been the recipient of 10” of rain, which is over double the monthly average for June.  Given the reality that all of this rain fell the past two weeks, compounds it’s effect that much more.  Fortunately, the capital improvement projects undertaken by the Greens Department in the past 16 months has helped neutralize the effects of this unseasonably rainy season.  The XGD drainage installed in greens 1, 6, and 16 have provided healthy turf growth and performance by removing water more efficiently from the greens root zone.   The bunkers that were recently renovated on holes 1, 2, 7, 9 , and 18 have all performed excellently during these rain events, requiring less labor inputs.  All of this ultimately means a greater experience for the membership and their guests.  Cart policy is always a hot topic during wet weather patterns.  I would like to extend a thank you to the membership for their patience and outstanding cart etiquette during this wet season. 
On the contrary, the abundance of rain  has provided the foundation for explosive turf growth.  Unfortunately such weather conditions produce rough reminiscent of Sunday at the US Open.  The rough throughout the course is maintained at  2 ½”, a suitable height for Kentucky Bluegrass/Ryegrass turf.    If cut any shorter, the turf would struggle during the hot summer months due to a lack leaf tissue available to photosynthesize and feed the plant.  Weakened turf is more susceptible to traffic and drought related stresses, leading to bald spots and weed encroachment, ultimately resulting in poor playability.  During a typical in-season week, maintenance of the rough totals approximately 100 Man Hours.  This includes tee and greenside rough twice weekly, and rough adjacent to the fairways three times weekly.   As we continue into the golf season, rising temperatures and drier conditions will naturally slow the growth of the rough, providing a more manageable playing surface. 
Golfers may have noticed the absence of the broken tee boxes formerly located at our teeing areas.  The Greens and Grounds Committee voted to remove the tee boxes as they do not provide a suitable method of disposal.  I encourage golfers to throw broken tees into the rough, or to simply toss them in the trash cans located at each tee.   This will promote a cleaner look on the tees throughout the day, and provide a labor savings to the Greens Department. 
Members who frequent the driving range have noticed the target greens are growing in nicely, providing a pleasing aesthetic from the tee as well as Sample Road.  Please see the graphic included with this newsletter exhibiting the proper method of taking divots from the driving range.  The creeping bentgrass used on the tee exhibits a lateral growth habit, meaning that it expands outward to fill in bare areas relatively quickly.  Compared to scattering divots in a concentrated area, a linear divot pattern provides the greatest opportunity for regeneration as it requires the adjacent turf the least amount of surface area to cover.  Taking this approach to practice will ensure an abundance of green grass for the membership to enjoy throughout the season. 

Keeping in line with our extensive audit of all trees on Club property, the Greens and Grounds Committee has identified a number of trees which are suggested for removal.  Such trees are dead, dying, or are hindering the growth of neighboring trees and highly maintained turf.  These trees are identified by blue ribbons, and will be removed this upcoming winter.  I encourage all golfers to examine these sites; all feedback is welcome. 
The ice damaged areas on the rear of 6 green and the right of 12 green have been slow to recover as they have not been candidates for the intensive plugging and sodding employed elsewhere on greens throughout the property. These areas have been treated as such due to their location on their respective greens leading to a low probability of a ball entering the area.  I have chosen to retain approximately 100 sq ft of greens height sod at our nursery as a “safety net” should it be required in the event of an emergency.  These areas are still receiving the intensive fertilization and cultural procedure treatment that spurred our spring recovery elsewhere on injured putting greens. 
A special thanks to those members who participated in the firewood sale this past winter.  Proceeds from the sale have gone towards the perennial plant installation at the Sample Road entrance of the Club.  
Please feel free to contact me on my office line 412-487-1234, or via email, tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org.  Also, check out photos of the aforementioned projects, happenings at Wildwood Golf Club, and Abbey via the Instagram page for The Wildwood Greens Department!  Search user @WGC_Greens or search #wildwoodgolfclub.  Thank you and see you on the course!
Tom Fisher

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