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Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Counrty Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

As I write this newsletter, the region had just emerged from the coldest February on record, and the course remains under 6”+ of snow and crunchy ice.  Given this “lion-ish” beginning to March, one can only wait patiently for the warmth of spring to bring us back to the golf course at Wildwood.  Despite winter’s chill, the Greens Department has not been deterred from completing critical tasks on our property. 
The onset of cold temperatures coupled with consistent snow cover throughout the course provided the greens department the perfect opportunity to address tree pruning and removal projects.  As mentioned in January’s newsletter,   trees cannot thrive in areas high in relative humidity and insufficient sunlight.  That being said, pruning promotes the health of the trees via improved air circulation and sunlight penetration leading to greater energy distribution throughout the tree.  Tree removals have been completed in situations where a tree creates a safety hazard via dead limbs, or compromises the integrity of the course.  Careful management of asset trees throughout the property ensures the beauty of these trees will be enjoyed for years to come. 
Keeping the parking lots and walkways clear of ice and snow accumulation during the frigid winter months is a task the Greens Department handles with great care.  Carefully designed action plans dispatch crew members to key points throughout the Club property to efficiently address snow emergencies.  This February alone, the greens department dedicated nearly 120 man hours to keeping the Wildwood Golf Club Membership and their Guests safe from the dangers of snow and ice.  On the coldest days, the Greens Department remained at our shop completing important course detail tasks.  Course accessory items such as ball washers, trash cans, benches, and even the hazard stakes are expertly refinished by our crew so their fresh new look is ready to be enjoyed for the beginning of the season. 
Given the current course conditions, it is hard to believe that course aerification is scheduled in less than three weeks!  A biannual necessity for push-up greens like ours, core aerification removes thatch and organic matter from the soil profile.  Using our walk behind aerifier, staff members will extract ½” diameter by 2” length cores every 1.5” from the root zone.  Surprisingly, this relatively aggressive approach disrupts only 8.73% of the putting surface.  Upon core removal, each individual hole will be backfilled with silica sand which possesses physical properties deemed optimal for poa annua performance.  The relatively brief surface disruption encourages firm and fast conditions as well as improved plant health.  Within a few days of greens aerification, greens sand injection will take place.  This procedure utilizes pressurized water to uniformly inject a quantity of the same silica sand up to 3” into the putting green effectively providing the root zone the benefits of an additional core aeration only without the surface disruption.  Weather permitting, aerification will take place March 23-25 and sand injection during the first week of April.  During this time, the fairways will be solid tine aerfied.  The decision to utilize solid tines on the fairways is based on available labor, as core aerifying fairways requires significantly more manpower.  The greens department sincerely appreciates the patience of the golfers during completion of these critical procedures. 
Please feel free to contact me on my office line 412-487-1234, or via email, tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org.  Also, check out photos of the aforementioned projects, happenings at Wildwood Golf Club, and Abbey via the Instagram page for The Wildwood Greens Department!  Search user @WGC_Greens or search #wildwoodgolfclub.  Thank you and Think Spring!
Tom Fisher

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