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Wildwood Golf Club is a full service Private Counrty Club located just north of Pittsburgh in Allison Park. Our beautiful  18-hole Championship golf course provides our Members with that one of a kind "Western Pennsylvania" golf experience .

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Wildwood Course News - Pittsburgh Golf

The golf season to date has been a roller coaster of weather conditions.  From snow and hail on Men’s Opening Day, to the 13” of rain we received in four weeks in June and July, to the current 6 week dry spell, preparing the course from day to day can provide a multitude of challenges.

During the “Wet Season”, crews of push mowers were deployed to cut large areas of rough adjacent to 13 and 14 fairways in order to avoid potential damage caused by our large rough mowers.  Fortunately, the labor savings realized with the renovation of bunkers throughout the property, provided the manpower needed to achieve this task.  A fortuitous byproduct of the wet weather was the opportunity to prioritize drainage projects throughout the property.  High profile areas include two sites at 13 fairway, in addition to the low dip in 14 fairway.  These improvements will be made in fall and winter, when the greens staff can focus labor on such tasks.  Prior capital improvements undertaken by the Greens Department include greens sand injection early this spring, as well as the XGD Greens Drainage installed last fall.  The benefits of these procedures worked synergistically to ensure play was delayed as little as possible during this unusually rainy period

Current weather conditions are a far cry from what was described above.  A focus of the greens staff now is to irrigate our varying turf surfaces to sufficiently encourage plant health while providing “firm and fast” conditions at the same time.  Achieving success with this balancing act requires a significant dedication to hand-watering.   This labor intensive task is required due to differing water requirements which can occur within feet of each other due to differing topography or varying turfgrass species.  While the in ground sprinklers are able to provide a baseline soil moisture, they lack the discretion provided by a trained employee. 

Employees tasked with hand watering are instructed to avoid golfers as to minimize disruption to play.  Unfortunately during times of heavy course traffic this situation is difficult to avoid.  Department protocol is for the employee to acknowledge the group, and use their judgement to quickly finish the irrigation procedure, or what is often the case with fairway hand watering, stand aside and wave the group to play on.  Though it is the employee’s responsibility to recognize the golfer and accommodate play, it is never safe to hit into an employee without their expressed knowledge.  I kindly ask that golfers recognize this and observe the safety of our staff. 

As scheduled, the greens, approaches, and fairways will be aerified on August 17-19.  Core aerification is a procedure in which cores of soil and thatch are removed from the turf root zone.  Over time, accumulation of thatch can be detrimental to the turf by minimizing aeration porosity in the soil, leading to decreased water infiltration, ultimately resulting in poor playing conditions.  The veritable “pegboard” that remains after aerification will recover in just a few short weeks, ensuring exceptional playing conditions through the remainder of the golf season. 

Following aerification, we will begin the process of seeding portions of the intermediate cut around the fairways as well as cart traffic areas in the rough.  Areas of patchy rough, such as to the left of 5 fairway, are significantly contaminated with poa annua.  While an excellent putting surface, rough height poa annua requires more intensive water and traffic management than traditional rough height varieties of Kentucky bluegrass and perennial ryegrass.  Renovating these areas with the appropriate turf cultivars will ensure quality playing conditions through the season. 

Being that we are all stewards of the course, I kindly ask that members take the time to repair ball marks and replace divots.  USGA research suggests that a ball mark, left unrepaired can take up to 4 weeks to regenerate, as opposed to just a few days for a repaired mark. 

Please feel free to contact me on my office line 412-487-1234, or via email, tfisher@wildwoodgolfclub.org.  Also, check out photos of the aforementioned projects, happenings at Wildwood Golf Club, and Abbey via the Instagram page for The Wildwood Greens Department!  Search user @WGC_Greens or search #wildwoodgolfclub.  Thank you and see you on the course!
Tom Fisher

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